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New mode leasing furniture, rental furniture foreground

Release date:2017年07月07日    Browse times:479    Keyword: 资讯 新闻

Renting, renting a car, renting a book, renting a wedding dress, etc., are nothing new to ordinary people. However, the term leasing furniture is unfamiliar to many consumers. Recently, the reporter understands in the interview, shenzhen furniture on the market to establish the credit and loan relationships based furniture rental business, make furniture can also rent, this new business model, has caused great concern in the industry.

Seller: new mode to rent furniture

On August 24, reporters came to the island of rich furniture city, according to store sales staff, rich island of new furniture rental business model, as long as consumers have a they nominated bank credit card, can achieve "zero down payment, zero interest and zero fee", would like the furniture moved back home. Owners who participate in this business must pay a monthly rent of only 2.5% of the total amount of the leased furniture, and enjoy a set of rich island brand furniture. After two years of lease, the renewal price is more than 10% off. In addition, the longer the concession, the longer the offer, five years after the expiration, the rich island will only charge a token 1 yuan to give the furniture to the user.

According to the chairman of fuzhidao furniture co., he told reporters that all the new furniture in the sale of the island is now participating in the leasing business at the same time as normal sale. The furniture that is rented out comes back, usually repair and renovate, then the price of secondhand furniture is rehired.

Consumer: business model or marketing gimmick?

For this kind of sales model, there are a lot of consumers to question whether it is a marketing gimmick of the merchant, whether it is true that the businessman is publicizing the benefits.

Yesterday, consumer surnamed xiong told reporters calculated brushstroke zhang: "a few days ago, I'd like to rent a set of the 1.8 m bed price 2000 yuan, 2.5% of the total amount of pay the rent according to the monthly rent furniture, each month have to pay $50 a month. And they're going to rent for two years, so it's going to be 1,200 yuan in two years. In addition, merchants also stipulate that the deposit is 600 yuan according to 30% of the price of furniture. The total is 1800 yuan, although the deposit will be returned, but it is only 200 yuan cheaper than the purchase price. In the end, I decided to go to the store, and maybe I could get a few days' promotion, which is cheaper than rent."

"For many citizens, it feels like there are still too many unpredictable factors." A furniture industry marketing director added that China's current home rental market is not perfect and immature, and the supporting services need to be improved. At present, only a few first-tier cities have initial scale furniture rental enterprises.

Furniture market industry: bullish on furniture rental market

"How to get consumers to quickly accept this kind of furniture rental consumption pattern is a problem facing the furniture rental industry." Many in the industry believe that, in foreign countries, domestic leasing has a huge market size, while China's home rental market is almost zero, and the market consumption concept needs to be guided slowly. They believe that, with the improvement of domestic consumers' awareness of environmental protection and household aesthetics, the lease mode of furniture will inevitably usher in a period of rapid development.

According to an unnamed boss said some brand furniture, furniture manufacturing industry belongs to the great industry, resource consumption in many countries, suffer from a shortage of natural resources, the resource recycling very seriously, and also look for the recycle of furniture is very important, and has set up the household leasing into daily life. In countries such as Britain and America, the furniture rental market is very mature.

How evidence-based thinks, no matter how this model belongs to the industry innovation, for businesses, the emergence of the lease form, breakthrough the single situation of furniture sales, also increased the marketing channels, sales, etc., and quickly up the money. "A population mobility big city like shenzhen, there are a lot of foreign renters, one-time purchase furniture into big, and post-processing the depreciation years of furniture also more troublesome, become the problem that many tenants have to think about."

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