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It will lead to the destruction of furniture enterprises

Release date:2017年07月07日    Browse times:540    Keyword: 新闻 资讯

Similar to the clothing industry, the innovation of the furniture industry is mostly the innovation of appearance rather than the innovation of materials and technology, which also leads to the low cost of plagiarism in the furniture industry. In the wild growth of the past few decades, the label of plagiarism has been associated with the furniture industry.

In the view of many furniture industry insiders, in the early stage of reform and opening up, the copying of furniture industry was a helpless move. First, startups don't build and build, and they don't have a brand concept. Second, domestic market products were in short supply. In this context, the first priority of domestic furniture start-ups is to produce as many products as possible, so copying domestic and foreign counterparts is a choice.

The early design of domestic furniture industry is an inevitable process of learning and growing industry. The process is like a child's back to tang poetry, but as the child grows up, he will have his own thoughts and no longer simply imitate others. Foreign counterparts say Chinese furniture is plagiarized. If the scope of time is expanded a little, in fact the western furniture such as Nordic furniture also borrows a lot of Chinese Ming and qing furniture design. In addition, Chinese furniture enterprise wants to produce European furniture, then inevitably need to borrow the design of European furniture, otherwise what can call European furniture? If foreign furniture enterprise wants to do Chinese mahogany furniture, actually also can exist the problem that style is similar to Chinese style furniture.

Although there are many objective reasons, copying and imitating are not sustainable. Far-sighted furniture enterprises often make rapid transition after the initial accumulation, and draw a line with copying imitation, and successful furniture enterprises attach great importance to design innovation.

In fact, as continually changing domestic and international market, domestic furniture market from a seller's market to buyer's market, intensifying the reality of the furniture product homogeneity, innovation is no longer an optional action, but the inevitable for enterprise development.

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