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Production flow

One, high temperature cooking high pressure cooking, air drying, steam kiln drying. High temperature and high pressure cooking extracts water content and residual glue in wood, and steam drying and gongyi01 make the original wood achieve the moisture content required for making furniture, and achieve the effect of sterilization and deworming. After treatment, the log will not deform, mould, decay and raw insect, the water content is basically below 12 %. The wood surface of this time has a shiny, uniform color, fine texture and structure to the middle.gongyi01   

Drying treatment is the first step in furniture manufacturing and is also a key step. How to deal with it? - steam drying treatment. The drying process is divided into three steps: 1. Preheat treatment: the main low temperature is high humidity, so as to balance the internal and external temperature of the wood, and reduce the moisture content initially. 2. Drying stage: gradually raise the temperature gradually, slowly lower the humidity, and extract the water from inside and outside the wood, so as to achieve the moisture content we want. 3. Final treatment: the internal stress generated during the drying process can be dissipating by the process of reprocessing and the internal and external consistency of the wood.

Three, machining ingredients of 1, wood processing, after dealing with the drying of wood raw materials, to the real wood ingredients and processing By: cutting sawing, cutting, digging, plane, all round, flat, puzzle, dig according to, the vertical saws, guide saw, milling machine, lathe (copy) with tenon, eyelet, groove, carving, sanding. 2, plank ingredients processing: ingredients, wood veneer, flat-fell seam, spelling a flower, rough cut, clamp, beat box, cold pressing, hot pressing, cutting, sealing side, trimming, coarse sand and fine sand light, lines, sealing side, shot drill, bench drill, ChanLi milling, double vertical milling, machining center, deoxidization, manual sealing side.


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