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What are the problems that hotel furniture should pay attention to?

Release date:2017年07月10日    Browse times:587    Keyword: 公司 新闻

Since the positioning of the hotel, the design style with geographical position can't completely the same, so the hotel if you want to create their own features or selling points, to create the most comfortable, the optimization of guest room, custom furniture is the preferred hotel. The hotel furniture customization, the product source engineer will design the drawing according to the customer's requirements, and then make the production according to the drawing. Custom hotel furniture, therefore, need to find a formal professional team, if there are no outstanding professional designers, design capacity is limited, also does not have high production levels, it is very difficult to reach the level of customer satisfaction. What questions do you need to pay attention to when it comes to customizing hotel furniture? Whether it's a five-star grand hotel or a budget hotel, you need to highlight your features. General characteristics have the following points of attention. Business hotel furniture, hotel suite furniture hotel guest room furniture 1, pay attention to the structure strength is usually fixed furniture, hotel furniture joint way generally choose wood screw, hardware fittings and adhesive. We should pay special attention to the material of different features, for example, particieboard MDF holding nail force is poor, don't need strong holding nail force or frequent activity places, like smoke rail bottom rail screw parts, loose or easy to produce sound. 2. Pay attention to the appearance quality of the substrate and covering materials, and the characteristics are different. If you do not pay attention to the material characteristics or improper use methods, you will often warp the plate. Hotel hotel furniture usually USES particle board, medium density fiberboard, joiner board, laminate and so on several kinds of as base material, use thin wood, wood veneer, three plywood as covering material. Ensure the flat surface of furniture, delicate decoration, fine workmanship, clear texture. 3, pay attention to its safety performance safety performance is more than a furniture to no one, not pour, more have some invisible, such as scent, without excitant odour, had better be fresh wood, and clean up the room when they go to delicious taste, etc. Gas second, no harm to people body, then you need to adopt high environmental protection grade material, the source of Shanghai goods sheet material is environmental protection such as E1 grade level, the child is safe, sturdy and durable is needless to say. If your hotel has just been renovated, you should pay attention to these problems when you customize the hotel furniture. The most excellent furniture will bring you a steady stream of customers and business.

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