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How about a painless wardrobe?

Release date:2017年07月10日    Browse times:552    Keyword: 公司 新闻

Is it good to make a closet? How about a lacquer closet? This may be the problem that the owner's friends want to know about the whole wardrobe. Lacquer plate is a kind of wood plank that compares environmental protection at present, its use is wide, mainly use to make furniture, closets etc. The advantages and disadvantages of the painless plate are clear, and the following cabinet is for the detailed introduction.


1. The production process of the painless board

Wenqi webmaster if use particle board, particleboard, medium density fiberboard for sandwich, with different color or texture of paper and put it in the melamine resin adhesive for soaking out dry processing, dry, to a certain degree, and laid on the plywood, finally hot pressing and become a kind of ornamental effect. So from the cross section of the plate you can see that the paint-free surface paint is a thin layer of paper.

Two, the advantage that the lacquer board does the wardrobe

1, use more convenient installation, and choose the color can be fond of according to owner, if it is a carpenter to build wardrobe also need to spray paint and other follow-up work, avoid lacquer board without this link, save work time.

2. The paintwork is better, no color difference, and the color is more uniform. It will not be like a rough and bumpy place, which is made by hand paint, which has a natural texture, fine texture and uniform structure.

3. It contains less formaldehyde and more environmental protection. Speaking of the first point of the paint-free board is his environmental protection, the paint-free plate is called the ecological plate, and the paint is removed from the paint, which can avoid the pollution of the paint to the indoor air.

Three, the defect of lacquer board make closet

1, avoid lacquer board and charming jade expensive, while construction is convenient, can be directly used for making furniture, but must be careful in use process, can not stand a little knock against, once broken, it's very difficult to repair.

2. Short service life, easy to drop paint, small hardware scratches can be difficult to repair.

3. The price is relatively high, the cost performance is low, the most important looks the class is not high.

4. It is easy to deform and decompose if the paintboard of granule plate is easy to deform.

Through the analysis of the small make up for you, I think the owner that decorates your friend will weigh the pros and cons, buy to your wardrobe right products, decorating is a tiring tired heart thing, but for the sake of the living quality of later, still had better experience for, choose their own like to decorate a style, finally I wish you all a decoration!

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