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How to join the wardrobe?

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Custom furniture industry is different from other building materials industry, decoration decoration industry need to have a certain understanding, after understand the local market, or through the network media channels to understand the wardrobe brand, choose a few for final selection, finally choose their suitable positioning of the brand, name ark joining process is as follows:

1. Firstly, through the Internet, magazines and media, we have a preliminary understanding of the cabinet, and then we can reach the initial intention through telephone consultation and online communication.

2. When the prospective franchisee has a deeper understanding of the name of the designer, he will ask the investment officer of the cabinet to obtain the brochure, product pictures and publicity brochures.

3. Through the approval of the Marketing Department of the name, the intention franchisee will enter the field inspection stage.

4. Through understanding of the production base, confirm the intention of joining, sign the cooperation agreement and pay the brand deposit. To confirm the obligations and rights of both parties and to communicate and sign the contract on further cooperation.

5. The franchisee will provide the layout of the storefront. The cabinet will design the layout of the storefront and the design of the door head, and design and produce the samples of the store. Franchisee organizes personnel to carry out sales and installation training inside the company.

6. The dealer has completed the decoration, and passed the inspection by the name cabinet, and the personnel, advertising and hardware are ready to conduct the opening activities on a good day.

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